We're going to have a unique way of advertising to members Only. We have multiple groups on Facebook that reach out to a hundred and fifty thousand Facebook members that are in 54000 of those are in the USA. Some of our groups are adding 100 to 400 members per day. The buy-sell trade group we monitor that group 98% of all members are active. Now with the ability to put ads on the front page of those groups as in the form of announcements. we can leave businesses up there for weeks. We're currently working on our pricing and what we're going to do with it.
But as of right now are we putting ads on our website and running Those ads once a week through multiple Facebook groups, pages, network marketing, and of course Google. Each ad we put on the website and a Facebook page will have a unique URL that we will submit to the Google search engine, once a week through our software. This software submits thousands of times to make sure our link stays up on Google. So as you can see you're basically getting a full SEO package for the price of a banner.